As in all the services we offer in our health centers, treatments in the dental area have no co-payment, including digital crowns, dental implants, fillings, cleanings, and root canals, among others.

We have spacious rooms equipped with the latest technology available in the market.

Same day digital crowns

In our health centers, we manufacture digital crowns with state-of-the-art technology. We have the necessary equipment to speed up the whole process, obtaining dental pieces of the best quality and without flaws. In just one visit and in a little over an hour, you will go home with your crown on!

Total and individual dental implants

They are recommended when it is necessary to replace one or more teeth. In addition to optimizing proper dental hygiene, their durability and comfort allow for natural biting and chewing. Dental implants also provide confidence and self-esteem.

3D X-ray (CT Scan)

With these technologies, we obtain high-resolution diagnostic images, which guarantee the safety of the results of medical examinations. They are low radiation, performed quickly and provide valuable information that allows planning the best treatment for the patient.


This procedure repairs the damaged tooth by removing the decay from the tooth to prevent it from spreading further and affecting the nerve of the tooth or causing further damage to other teeth. It is a simple and fast process that provides durability and strength.

Dental Cleanings

Hygiene is the first step in maintaining oral health, essential to prevent cavities and other periodontal diseases. At Santos Medical Centers we schedule dental checkups and cleanings periodically, at least twice a year, to keep your teeth really clean.

Root Canal Treatments

Thanks to this treatment, which involves a safe and effective technique, damaged teeth are preserved and their loss is prevented. After its reconstruction, the tooth looks perfect, recovering its functionality and a healthy and natural appearance.