Wellness Centers

At Santos Medical Centers we are constantly concerned about the well-being of our patients, providing all the comforts and resources necessary to improve their quality of life. Our entertainment activities will activate your body and allow you to charge yourself with positive energy. We exercise the mind through play, human relationships, and learning new skills. We talk, laugh, socialize, and keep each other company.

At our Wellness Centers, members can participate in a variety of clubs and activities. There is something for everyone: games, music, dancing, arts & crafts, and excursions. In addition, we organize birthday parties, as well as national holidays and traditional celebrations.

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it improve respiratory, cardiovascular and movement capacity, but it is scientifically proven to promote mental health and overall well-being. We have a large, fully equipped gym with state-of-the-art machines and qualified personnel to supervise their use. We offer multiple ways to stay in shape by participating in our classes.


Our members receive daily Breakfast and Lunch services where we always provide a rich, varied, healthy, and balanced menu. We also organize special banquets on holidays.

Cuidados Personales

Personal Care

Visit the Beauty Salon for your personal care with Hairdressing, Barber, and Manicure services.