We have a large fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles, conditioned to your needs. In addition to being a safe, efficient, and punctual transport, it has all the comforts to make your trip very pleasant. Our drivers will pick you up at your home and take you back at your request. If you prefer to arrive in your own vehicle, we have a very large parking lot for you to park comfortably and safely.

Patient Transportation

Our drivers will promptly pick you up from your home for your medical appointment. They will also be available for you to drive you to our wellness center, for fun organized excursions, and even to take you to the supermarket for groceries.

Transport of Medicine/Pharmacy

If you prefer, you can pick up your medications in person, or you can opt for our dedicated medicine delivery service that will deliver them to your home because our goal is to make your life much easier.

Emergency Transportation

The Emergency Transport will come to your home if you are unable to come to our facilities. It is equipped with a stretcher, oxygen, electrocardiogram, and X-rays, among other equipment. It will also come to your home to perform laboratory tests and Covid tests, as well as provide vaccinations.

Wheelchair Transportation

Our fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles is available for those members who have physical limitations and limited mobility. It is distinguished by its accessibility and the assistance of specialized professionals to accompany you on your journey.

We cordially invite you to tour our facilities and get to know our health centers, without any obligation. When we schedule your appointment, we can arrange for our transportation service to pick you up and drive you back at the end of the visit.