Wellness Centers


At our Wellness Centers, members can participate in a variety of clubs and activities. There is something for everyone: games, music, dancing, arts & crafts, and excursions. In addition, we organize birthday parties, as well as national holidays and traditional celebrations.

Group Birthdays

Once a month we dress up to celebrate the group birthday party of our members providing unforgettable moments.

Recreational Activities

We organize Dances, Bingo, Domino Games, and Excursions that allow our members to visit new places and enjoy dynamic group activities, ideal to promote social integration, a sense of belonging, and recreation.

Chess Club

For board game enthusiasts, we recommend the practice of chess, which not only keeps the mind active and agile but also favors the mobility of hands and fingers.

Arts & Crafts

We let your imagination and creativity run wild in a fun environment with easy, decorative, and practical projects that you can take home.


Singing exercises your memory, coordination and strengthens your hearing. For music lovers, we have an open microphone and a large songbook to spend quality time with friends.

Dance Classes

Let the rhythm take over you! Join our Flamenco and Salsa classes and enjoy the countless benefits of staying active through dance and body expression. Dancing is considered an aerobic activity that burns calories, works the heart muscle, and is an appropriate activity for anyone of any age and fitness level.

Special Date Celebrations

The party is not limited to birthdays. Join us to celebrate multiple occasions such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other national holidays.